EA Testing with Smart Forex Tester

UPDATE 12/27/2016: Smart Forex Tester 1.0 is available!

This article is deprecated! Expert Advisor (EA) testing as the source (MQ4) code is now possible with Smart Forex Tester – both on historical data and on live streaming prices.

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Expert Advisor (EA) testing is possible with Smart Forex Tester, which is planned to be published between Christmas and New Year.

The release 1.0 will use a new platform (similar to that used by the Forex Simulator). The EA testing will be possible both on historical data and on live streaming prices.

The release will be of a prototype level; the main focus of it will be on the integration of EA testing functionality to the new tester framework. Therefore it will support a limited number of indicators and trading functions, and the GUI functionality will be limited as well.

Expert advisors will be tested as the source (MQ4) code. In the initial releases, the main focus in the EA testing will be on the feasibility of Forex trading strategies. Meaning that the highest development priority will get the EA functionality that is responsible for programming the market entry and exit decisions.

The trading features will be implemented reusing the same state machine mechanizm currently supported in the Tester. But this will be made transparent for the EA testing module – by middleware. This layer will be receiving new ticks from the Tester engine and translating trading commands rom EA into the states of the tradiing state machine.

In the next releases, when the core features in the new framework are ready and software is stable enough, more EA functions will be supported. Also the GUI functionality will be brought to the level currently available in the Tester (zoom, mouse operations, etc).

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More information will be posted on  www.expertadvisortest.com.