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We at Dynamics Software have gained tons of experience in research and professional software development. In addition, we have been interested in markets and trading, especially on Forex, for a long time. So no wonder that this combination eventually resulted in developing our own software where we would be able to implement and test our automated Forex trading strategies. And, of course, gaining real automated Forex trading experience.

We have spent several years on development. We started from implementing Expert Advisors for Metatraderâ„¢. We began testing Trading Strategies simultaneously with our development – using Metatrader Strategy Tester. But very soon we realized that Metatrader tool had limitations that did not allow us to run testing the way we wanted to.

So, relying on our solid software development skills, we decided to develop our own testing software – “Forex Strategy Tester”. Simultaneously with the development, we started collecting high-quality market data and preparing Strategy Testing Scenarios based on that data.

See more at our site.


We believe our experience can be worth sharing. So now we are going to systematize it and publish on this site. As its name prompts, our main focus will be on everything related to forex trading strategy testing, namely:
Forex Strategy Testing Software
Forex Strategy Testing Methodology
Forex Strategy Testing Scenarios

Another imporatnt area is automated trading strategies. We are going to discuss ideas of their implementation and testing results.

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9 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. Hi there Matt,

      yes, our software is being developed as the tool that you can use for building your own algorithms. Our own approach is to use state machines. See the examples on the site. Currently you can develop simple strategies, but we are constantly developing the tool.

      For testing existing strategies, we are developing a Metatrader interface – so that you will be able to run your EA together with our DLL that will takes quotes from Smart Forex Tester and send the trading commands there. So the EA will be executed in MT but tested in Smart Forex Tester.

      We have more to come – stay tuned!

      The Forex Strategy Tester Team

        1. Hello Peter, thanks for your feedback. Can you be more specific – what are you interested in?

          Some of the software is already available, the rest is under development and the ETAs are different.

  1. Hi Guys from The Philippines, I am learning Forex trading again to get updated with the Forex World in 2016, I Live in the Philippines and i would love to help you guys if i can I don”t have cash but i have Time and if there is a way i can help would love to this would also help me at the same Time, What i can offer is this I know many Great software Developers here and you could save lots in time and money they can do the tasks which take time , Also back office work (online) the costs would much lower , just a few things anyway i will try your software and wish you all the best .
    Tony Biscontri

    1. Hello Tony, many thanks for your feedback!

      We will eagerly contact you when we have a task where you can contribute.

  2. Hello,
    I have downloaded the software zip but have no instructions on how to load and get the data into the strategy tester?

    please advise.

    thank you,


    1. Edward: did you check out the User’s Guide? There are instructions there how to load the data – both offline and live.

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