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11 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. dear sirs
    i tried the test you did for eurusd april 2015 , same data as you used. it shows totaly different results than you stated.
    i just would like to have an explanation

  2. Hi,
    Does your simulator include indicators such as moving averages eg. ATR, EMAs, in order to monitor MA cross overs etc.?

      1. Many thanks for your response. Is it necessary to download both the forex tester and the trading simulator in order to practice trading strategies?

        1. Also, in the simulator can you trade using the same number of lots or mini-lots as you could in the real environment? Thanks.

          1. I’ve noticed that in some virtual demo accounts it is not possible to vary lot sizes, which is no good if you want to practice risk management strategies. Thanks.

          2. yes, on the Settings tab you can select lot sizes (Standard/Mini/Micro/Nano). You can also use different deposit currencies for each simulation run.

        2. You are very welcome! Simulator is a tool for manual trading practice, whereas Tester works with automated strategies. In the suite they can be used simultaneously, e.g. you can let an automated strategy to place an order, but later take over and close it etc. Note that we are integrating to the suite all other stand-alone products that we have developed (pivot point analyzer, data recorder/manager) and others like test manager.

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