Forex Online Simulation Benefits From Timeshift

Our Forex Simulator development is continuing at full speed. The major new feature of the next release will be Timeshift, which makes it possible to pause/resume online simulation.

This simple example shows you how Timeshift saves your time.

You are at the airport waiting for your flight. You don’t want this time wasted, so  you are practing with the online simulation. Now your flight is boarding. While you know it will take some time, still you can’t concentrate properly. Or your colleague invites you to have a drink while waiting.

Here is where the Timeshift comes in. You don’t stop your practice – you just pause it.  It might take a while before you will have to eventually turn off your Internet connection. All this time the Simulator will continue receiving the market data.

Later, during the flight, when you have time, you will resume your  practice. The Simulator will use the recorded price data.  This way, you will get back the time that would have been wasted if you didn’t have the Timeshift.

There is more in our development queue. E.g. the market data collection can not only be used for Timeshift.  You can record a trading session while you are at work during daytime. And then use the recording and practice on it while commuting home.

We are also designing trade recorder/player for you to analyze your practice, multiuser mode to practice together with your friends and other cool features.

To make the Simulator that meets your needs, we need your feedback!

Please do take a look on our roadmap and vote – this way we will implement the most needed features first. And if you want to suggest a feature – don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


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