Forex Simulation In Real-Time Is More Efficient With Time Shift

By Forex simulation we usually understand back testing. While “real-time Forex simulation” sounds more like a demo-account functionality.

The advantages of testing on historical data are evident. You can practice at any time, and don’t have to wait for the market to open. And you don’t have to depend on the market action, either.

So does it make sense to try simulation in real-time? The answer, in our opinion, depends on the tools.

With a regular demo-account, the only benefit is practicing on live – i.e. unpredicatble – data. However, with a specialized tools, the real-time simulation has more advantages.

One of the main benefits is in so called “time shift”. This is what is supported in many modern DVR devices, where you can put your live TV broadcast on pause while answering a phone call.

The DVR continues saving the signal so that you can resume watching later from the moment you paused – or jump to the current moment.

The main advantage of this is many cases you can very quickly catch up with the current broadcast without losing too much – e.g. by fast forwarding slower scenes of completely skipping commertials .

Same idea can be fully implemented in Forex simulation. You can resume practicing with delay, and then gradually catch up by fast forwarding the slow moving markets.

Our Forex Simulator supports the real-time mode starting from the release 1.1. You can select of 10 main currency pairs.