Smart Strategy Builder

This page is deprecated.  We switched to C++ strategies.
Download new Smart Forex Tester. (requires FREE subscription)

We have developed the first version of Smart Strategy Builder.

Smart Strategy Builder
Smart Strategy Builder GUI

Currently we are testing the prototype and will make it available to our subscribers soon.

The Builder reads a trading strategy file and makes it all the strategy parameters visible and editable in the Builder GUI. There you can also edit and save the strategy file itself.

Smart Strategy Builder seamlessly works with our Smart Forex Tester.

You can test the changes in the strategy or its parameters by clicking a “Run” – button. The Strategy Builder launches the Tester and executes the strategy test on the previously selected test data. The results are returned to the Builder and shown in the GUI.

The Tester GUI is also shown during the test and also some configurable time after its completion. All Tester functionality is available. You can analyze the trades in the GUI and also in the log, as usual.

The current values of the parameters are saved in a temporary file. So the Builder can restore them on the next start-up.

Smart Strategy Builder Development

When completed, this tool will take our automated trading strategies development to the next level.

Later releases of the Builder will extend our strategy format. While still using the standard state machine for routine trading operations, the Bulider will support the arbitrary code for market signals.

This way, the Builder will make the first steps to support the EA syntax as a strategy definition.

Download Smart Strategy Builder.