Smart Forex Tester 1.0 – Holiday Sale!

[This offer expired on January, 1] 

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Long awaited EA Compatible Smart Forex Tester is finally available!

EA testing is possible in Smart Forex Tester 1.0
Smart Forex Tester 1.0 Dashboard

All-new tool supports trading strategies written in C++ language.

Smart Forex Tester has an inbuilt C++ compiler and provides the strategy with the interfaces to the Tester engine – to get the market data from the Tester, and to send the trading commands to the Tester.

Now EA testing is possible
with Smart Forex Tester!

Our new software is EA compatible. We implemented the interfaces to the Tester similar to those in MT, so you can compile and run EA strategies after straightforward context replacements in the source code.

Powerful tool to research your strategy

The all-new Tester is built on the same proven platform as our popular Forex Simulator. So you can test both on real time data feed and offline from files.

Precise Forex market modelling. The Tester only works with tick-by-tick data. NO interpolations!

Back Testing. The ticks are rendered with up to 1 ms accuracy – strictly according to their original timestamps. Test Pause / Resume / Fast Forward are supported.

Free high quality tick-by-tick historical market data. Available for 15 main currency pairs since 2009.

Forward testing. Free instant access to real interbank prices for 10 main currency pairs – without any account. Pause, slow motion and fast forward are available for live data.

Smart forex tester monitors RTT

Data feed monitoring. In forward testing, the Internet connection quality is of primary importance to get reliable results. The Tester is constantly measuring the round trip time (RTT) – with 1 ms accuracy.



Manual control. Without stopping a running test with automated strategy, you can take trading actions manually. You can even temporarily disable the strategy.

For example, if you notice the strategy not closing a position as you wanted it to, you don’t have to restart the test from scratch – you can just close the order yourself and the strategy will take it from there.

Online and offline. Write, debug and test your strategy in offline mode and then test it on the live market – e.g. leave in running for the night.

Change the strategy on-the-fly. With a test running, you can continue editing your strategy; and if needed, upload it in the Tester without test restart.

Get free software updates for life!

As you see, you can accomplish quite a lot with the current release 1.0! But it is just the beginning. We are already working on the new features.

As usual, we count on your valuable feedback to add even more cool features.

Here are some of the current plans:

  • Pending (Limit) orders. Buy/Sell limit, Buy/Sell stop limit. Place/edit/cancel. Close opposite orders.
  • Multiple orders
  • New Indicators
  • Tick data recorder 
  • Test recording / replay. Tests on lengthy data can take time. Replay helps to watch and analyze the tests in retrospect much faster. If needed, you can also slow down or pause for analysis.
  • Enhanced graphics. Zoom in and zoom out. More graphs. Mouse operations.
  • Enhancing EA compatibility. New interfaces and tools.
  • Signals. Including our unique peak point recognition algorithm.

And as we just said, you will get ALL the updates absolutely FREE.

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