Smart Forex Tester Suite Ultimate

Smart Forex Tester Suite software is all you need to automate your trading strategy and test it – both on historical market data and on live prices.

Now, in the latest edition of the Suite we also added the functionality to detect the market turns in real-time.

To understand why we need it, let’s start from a simple question.

How can we make profit in Forex?

The market is random. We can’t predict its direction. However, what we know is that the markets never move in a straight line.

Moreover, we know that the prices travel from an extreme in one direction to the next – in the opposite. This is how the markets work (price discovery).

Imagine that you could know when the market is going to reverse – that would be great, right? But is it possible?

Watch this 3 min video and see how our software does it in real time. (Note the video is very informative, so pause it if needed to read all the subtitles).

The detection algorithm in our software is the result of our many years’ research experience in signals detection from the random background noise.

Principally different from indicators

The advantage of our algorithm is in that it works so fast that you can use it for timing of market entry or exit.

Whereas indicators are principally lagging, because they use averaging. Even for a very short M1 time frame, you need to wait for each reading for 1 min. Which is long enough time for a lot of see-sawing to happen.

Indicators are useful to provide a big picture, but it is difficult to base your trading on indicators only. For example, the RSI can indicate that the market is overbought or oversold – but this condition can stay for quite a long time and even develop further.

Day Trading and much more

Thanks to low detector delay, you can use its signals – the dots you saw in the video – for the day trading.

On the longer time frames, the detector signals can be part of more complex trading strategies, including indicators-based. Combined signals will let you enter the market much better.

Adding proper market timing to any lagging indicator will give you the best of both worlds. Otherwise, you could lose tens of pips on both entry and exit – because of the seesawing of the market.

Moreover,  if a signal turned out not to be a pivot point, good timing helps to minimize the losses.

Because even at local extremes, the market tends to slow down and seesaw – and you might have the time to exit if you are unsure – you may even make a little profit!

Trading Automation

Forex can be stressful and take a lot of time. Trading automation is a way to reduce the stress and boost the effectiveness.

Smart Forex Tester Suite Ultimate makes the pivot points signals available for your automated C++ trading strategy. It gives you an enormous potential.

Similar to the auto-pilot in an aircraft, the automation is the best way to get rid of routine and time-consuming activity. An automated strategy monitors the situation way more reliably than you and reacts much faster.

So, you can delegate the market entry task to the algorithm. You will save your time – no need to be chained to your computer. You can leave your desk and return only when you hear the sound signal of the market entry from the computer.

Next, you can decide for yourself what to do with the position opened. And like we said above, even if it was a false alert, you might still have enough time to minimize the impact.

Alternatively, you can enter the market manually, but then automate the tracking of your position. Obviously, pivot points signals let you implement much more flexible profit taking logic – compared to regular (even trailing) stops.

Ultimate Forex Strategy Testing Environment

Smart Forex Tester Suite Ultimate provides all needed to develop and test your trading strategy.

The Suite’s unique functionality makes it possible to considerably reduce the time required for testing – be it manual or automated.

Forex Trading Simulator is designed for manual testing of your strategies. You can test both on historical tick-by-tick market data and live prices. The Simulator provides 100% market modelling quality with the tick rendering accuracy of up to 1 ms.

If your day job keeps you very busy on weekdays, offline Simulator is a perfect solution. It lets you test at any time, convenient for you. Most importantly, on weekends – when the market is closed.

The flexibility of offline testing alone makes the Simulator superior to any demo account. But the Simulator also saves your time, due to variable tick data feed speed functionality.

So, doing Fast forward on the slow market, you can skip the dull time – without losing anything! It is like skipping the commercials in a recorded TV series.

Alternatively, using Slow motion feature, you can test on fast markets. For example, during news releases, it might be useful to reduce the data feed speed to up to 1/4X.

In addition, it is the fast moving market when it is interesting to use the trading server delay functionality.  The delay is always present in real life online trading and the Simulator lets you model it.

You can also run the Simulator online. Live market data feed gives you real tradable prices for 10 main currency pairs – no account needed.  You can use pivot points algorithm to generate real-time market signals and test on live market.

Furthermore, you can also manage and save your time in online real-time simulation! Thanks to a unique Time Shift feature.

Time Shift lets you pause live data feed whenever needed, so you don’t have to be chained to your computer even during live trading. When you resume, all the offline data speed manipulation options will become available, as well.

This functionality is evidently impossible to get on a regular demo account.

Smart Forex Tester is used for trading automation design and testing, both offline on historical data and on live prices online.

The Tester only works on tick data (no interpolations!) and so it provides 100% accurate market modelling.

The Tester uses the same data engine as the Simulator, so all the options to vary data feed speed and simulate server delay are also available.

The Tester provides full-fledged C++ environment for strategy definition. Pivot Points detection algorithm is made available to strategies.

The C++ environment makes the Tester EA-compatible on source code level. As MQL is very like C++, after relatively small syntax changes an MQL code can be compiled and run in the Tester.  The trading interfaces between the strategy and the Tester engine are similar to those used in MT.

You can analyze your trades using zoom in function. It shows a snapshot of the market with a tick accuracy – even when the test continues running at the maximum speed.

The Tester will provide more smart functionality* to further increase test efficiency and save your time. E.g. in the Quick test mode you can get a draft test result much faster. With the Test Manager, you can save the most critical market data as test scenarios and only run tests in batches instead of testing every time on full data arrays.

So, in summary, the Smart Forex Tester Suite Ultimate will give you all you need:

OFFLINE Trading Simulator

  • 100% modeling quality
  • up to 1 ms accuracy
  • varying data speed
  • pivot points signals

ONLINE Trading Simulator

  • 10 main currency pairs
  • no account needed
  • live tick data recording
  • Time Shift for time saving
  • live pivot points signals

Strategy Tester

  • Test Automation framework
  • C++ development environment
  • source code EA-compatibility 
  • pivot points signals in C++ code
  • Trade Analyzer 
  • quick test mode*
  • Test Manager*

Data Manager*

Benefits from Synergy

Smart Forex Tester Suite Ultimate consists of very advanced and sophisticated software components that you can use stand-alone. However, it is from synergy between them that you will benefit the most. It will boost your efficiency and save your time.

*) Available 2H2018

Smart Forex Tester Suite – Free Licenses

Smart Forex Tester Suite includes 3 main products: Strategy Tester, Trading Simulator and Pivot Points Analyzer. Our subscribers are granted a free license for each of these stand-alone products.

Once you activate any free license, you can switch between all the above products as many times as you need. Moreover, your free licenses never expire.

You can get your free license directly from the software. This 30 s video shows how.

(if you haven’t done this yet,  subscribe and download the software).

On start-up, you will see the main products menu (click on the image to enlarge):

Smart Forex Tester Suite Products
Smart Forex Tester Suite Products

Here you click the Get free license link opposite the free product you want. (If you are unsure, no problem: just pick any – like we said, you can always switch products later!)

On the next screen you will need to enter your email address you used to subscribe and click Get free license button (click on the image to enlarge):

Smart Forex Tester Suite -license activation
Smart Forex Tester Suite – license activation

The software activates your license. Save your personal code (seen in the Code field) for later – if you want to use the software on another computer.

Next, you need to restart the software to finalize license activation. That’s it – you are good to go!

Now, when you start the software, the link for the product you activated the license for,  will change to Use and all the functional tabs will be visible.

When you want to switch between free products, you will need to repeat the procedure above.  This time, you won’t even need to enter your email.

In addition to free products, Smart Forex Tester Suite offers 2 premium bundles. While free products offer ample functionality which is enough for developing and testing your manual or automated trading strategy, it is the bundles that bring you to completely new level.

Premium bundles not only provide convenience by eliminating the need to switch licenses. Most importantly, they add value because you can use all the bundled products simultaneously – and in any combination.

For example, you can run in the Tester an automated trading strategy that uses the signals from the Analyzer.

Or, you can test semi-automated strategies, where you enter the market manually, but let the automated trader monitor the profits and risks for you (“autopilot” mode). Or the other way around.

As you see, the Smart Forex Tester Suite can be used in lots of different ways.


Offline Forex Simulator: Test Your Trading Strategy Even When Markets Are Closed

Offline Forex Simulator is a software tool that fully imitates the markets on our demand – whenever we want it, and even without a connection to Internet.

Offline Simulator is very handy for most of us who have our day job. Watching Forex markets requires time, which is not easy to find during busy weekdays. The Simulator helps to do that during weekends.

How does the Simulator work? It “plays back” saved market data. Similar to watching a video tape – if by video tape we mean a file of price quotes.

A good Offline Forex Simulator provides 100% accurate market modelling quality. For that it must support tick-by-tick data. A “tick” is a new price quote received by the market. For any currency pair, a tick is a combination of 3 numbers: bid price, ask price and time stamp.

The time stamp has an accuracy of up to 1 ms. Such high precision is not excessive.

There can be over ten ticks each second during fast market moves. Which often happen during some events or major news releases. However, ticks can also come as rarely as 1 in a minute, typically in slow Asian sessions.

In this article we will show you step-by-step how you can test your trading strategy with the help of our Offline Forex Simulator.

First of all, you need to download and install the software. It is free for our subscribers. If you haven’t yet subscribed, do it here.

Once you activated your free Forex Simulator license, navigate to the Data tab. This is where you select and load the tick files. The Simulator provides an inbuilt data file for you to try out of the box. The file contains 2 days worth of ticks, which is more than enough to get you started.

We will use the inbuilt file in our example.

Once you have loaded the file, the offline Simulator shows the loaded data interval on a monthly calendar. This doesn’t mean that only 1 month long files are supported. The calendar just shows the 1st month of the data for you to select the start date and time for testing.

Offline Forex Simulator
Offline Forex Simulator – Loaded Sample Data File

You have the options to specify the exact time, or select one of the standard times, corresponding to the start of 3 major trading sessions (USA, Europe and Asia).

Let’s select the time known for the most intensive trading – when the US and European trading sessions start to overlap (at noon GMT) and begin a new simulation with pressing the Start button.

Continue reading…

Smart Forex Tester, Simulator and other products to be integrated

Smart Forex Tester and Simulator are the first products that we have integrated on our new platform. Next products to be integrated are Pivot Points Analyzer and Data Recorder.

Previously, each one was a stand-alone product.

The main rationale behind integration is that all the products share many functional blocks, e.g. data engine or price graph. So integration will speed up our development process and will also help us improve quality.

To make each product available as a stand-alone software, we introduce licensing. Basic individual products will continue to be free for our subscribers, and you can have a free license for each one.

However product bundles will be premium paid products.

Smart Forex Tester, Simulator are integrated
Smart Forex Tester, Simulator are integrated

What it means for you? If you are our subscriber, you will simply need to claim your personal free license for each product that you are interested in. We will email you your personal code and instructions.

Like we said, basic licenses are free – but you will need to reinstall the licenses every time you want to switch between products. Paid bundles will provide convenience by eliminating the need to switch licenses. They will also add value because you can use bundle components simultaneously in any combination.

So be sure to check your inbox for the email with your personal credentials and download instructions.

Stay tuned!


Forex testing on historical prices – is one week data enough?

We receive questions from time to time on why our Forex testing tools only support one month of data. These questions obviously arise because Smart Forex Tester and Simulator GUI has a tab with one month calendar.

Forex testing on historical data
Forex testing on historical data

As a matter of fact, both Tester and Simulator can work with unlimited data.

A monthly calendar view was added to provide an easy way to select when to start the test (stopping the test can be obviously done any time).

But on this occasion, it would be good to discuss here whether we really need big data files in Forex testing.

The only argument in favor that we can imagine is the need to test strategies that use long time frames.

But if we really wanted to use such strategy, does it make sense? Do we have enough time for that? And even if we do, we need to have a lot of money invested to satisfy margin requirements. Unless you trade with large sums without any leverage.

And even more questionable are the benefits of testing on the long intervals for the most commonly used optimization methods, when a given set of strategy parameters are permutated to make the strategy work best on the historical data.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee the strategy will win when used the very next day – whatever long interval you tested it on. This is the reason we use a principally different approach.

We are developing the mechanism to adjust the strategies to the current market automatically on the fly. So, we test our automated trading strategies on 1 week long test data.

There are several reasons behind this testing interval selection. The primary one is continuity in the price quotes. If you leave a position open over weekend, you always risk hitting a price gap. If something happens during the weekend, the gap can easily be several hundred pips. And stops sometimes can not be even triggered.

Next, it takes reasonably short time to run a test on one week of quotes. is not too long to run.

Of course, big price moves can happen during the trading week, as well. However, it’s not a gap – but a very fast moving market. So you might be able to do something yourself and stops might work.

In addition, quite often such turbulence is news related and so can be predicted, as the major news releases are mostly scheduled.

Our approach is to use one week as a standard interval that is easy and quick to run and analyze. Based on the analysis, we select certain data intervals that are worth using later. Mainly, those where the strategies loses systematically.

Only these intervals are worth testing on. Markets quite often just treading water. Testing on such data is just wasting time.

So we prefer to collect a set of test cases that represent the market conditions that are difficult for the strategies to handle. Running the set is an efficient “smoke test” – if the strategy is failing, there is no need to go deeper and run longer tests.

Based on weekly test results, we can select most important parts of the data and us them later as test scenarios. They can be as short as one trading session. Often the market behavior is the same during one session, but the next session might not continue the pattern.

Best is to test overlapping new York and London sessions when the moves are most powerful.

You can use our free Forex Data Manager to slice a month long .csv data files into one week (or smaller) ones.

Smart Forex Tester Free Version At is our new site that we started to host a free version of our new Smart Forex Tester product.

We already released paid version in the end of 2016. It is built on the new framework – the same we used to develop our Forex Simulator.

The new free Tester version will replace the currently available 0.9.5 software which was developed on the old framework and will be phased out.

Smart Forex Tester Free
Smart Forex Tester free version is released

As the old Tester, the new free version also uses tick-by-tick data only and can test on both historical price quotes and using inbuilt live market data feed.

Considerable improvement is added C++ support – as a means of trading strategy definition.

Also, you can use C++ environment to test EA if you have a source code. After some modifications, MQ code can be compiled in the Tester, and the interfaces are provided similar to MT to support trading operations.

Free download at

Forex Simulator’s Offline Mode – Practice Trading When Market Is Closed

Download Free Forex Simulator

Using Forex Simulator’s Offline mode is an ideal way to to practice trading when the markets are closed. The software uses historical market data stored locally on your computer, so you don’t even need an Internet connection. You can practice anywhere – and any time you like, not only when the trading is open!

Our Forex Simulator guarantees 100% market modelling quality, as it only uses tick-by-tick data.  You can download high quality tick by tick market data for free e.g. from They provide the data as monthly files in CSV format, which the simulator natively supports.

The Simulator provides an inbuilt sample market data file covering 2 full days of trading. Navigate to the Data tab, and follow the instructions there, and you can give offline simulation a try in just seconds after software installation.

Forex Simulator Offline -Market Data
Forex Simulator Offline – Market Data

When you’ve selected the data interval and started an offline simulation run, you will be automatically redirected to the Simulation tab. There you can place market, take profit and stop orders – all as if you were trading on real Forex market.

Forex Simulator Offline -Testing
Forex Simulator Offline -Testing

However, there is an important difference between practicing on live market and with the Forex Simulator offline.

Namely, in our Simulator you can vary the data feed speed and also put data feed on hold. Which is obviously impossible to do if you use a regular demo account.

What are the benefits of these data speed manipulations? Why would we need it?

First of all, pausing the data feed lets you manage your time. You can take breaks whenever you need it, but not when the market  situation allows it.

Secondly, by speeding up the data feed you can save your time. When the markets are moving nowhere, you don’t have to sit and wait for action. At higher speed, you can skip the moments of “dead market” and return to normal speed afterwards.

Finally, you can also slow down the data feed. This might be useful practicing news trading – when the market moves extremely fast.

Read more on Forex Simulator Offline.

Download Forex Simulator and try it yourself – it’s FREE!

Forex Simulator is part of the Smart Forex Tester Suite, which also contains a Strategy Tester and Pivot Points Analyzer.

Once you install the Simulator, you can switch between these stand-alone tools – their licenses are free for our subscribers.

Smart Forex Simulator To Include The C++ Strategy Tester

Smart Forex Simulator will be a new product built by merging current Forex Simulator and Smart Forex Tester.

One rationale behind this change is to improve user experience.

Merging will also make the tool development more efficient, because both current tools share a lot of the same code.

After this change, the tool will no longer be usable without a license.

However, the basic functionality will still be free. So the current users can claim their free licence. Or upgrade to get the premium features.

The following licences will be available:

Online Simulator – free. Offline Simulation and Timeshift in Real Time – paid.

Strategy Tester – free. Max test speed and manual trading operations – paid.

Online Simulator AND Strategy Tester – paid.


Forex trading automation: replacement or assistance to manual trading?

Forex trading automation is an attractive option.

The benefits of automation are obvious – you are not chained to your computer and it gives you much less stress. To say nothing of the fact that a computer reacts to opportunities and executes trades way faster and better than you.

The downside of trading automation is also obvious. It is not that easy to develop an algorithm that fully replaces you in all sitiuations.

A question: why can’t we take the best of both worlds?

We tried it with our latest Smart Forex Tester 1.0 software. It has an option to manually override when an automated trading strategy is being run.

Trading automation was represented by a simple strategy that uses 3 RSI of different time frames to enter or exit the market, This strategy obviously only works well when the market is not trending.

For the calm markets, a typical situation where manual control was needed was around the peaks. There was usually a great deal of see-sawing there. And it was not clear whether a peak will hold.

Even such simple algorithm as we used could enter the market well. But fixing the profit was more efficient and easier manually. You could take less risk and if it was not sure the market goes where expected, you usually had a chance to close the trade with a small profit during the see-sawing. Or even small loss was a better option in an uncertain case than relying on a fixed automated stop-loss.

However, the main benefit of the manual control was during the beginning of the trends. Our simple 3 RSI algorithm works very badly on trending market. It will persistently try to enter the market in the direction opposite to the trend and will be stopped out a lot of times.

But even with such a simple system, you can still be successful. Once you notice a trend starting, you can disable the automated strategy and manually take a position in the direction of the trend and just hold it. When the trend is exhausted, you can return the control to the trading atomation.


EA Testing with Smart Forex Tester

UPDATE 12/27/2016: Smart Forex Tester 1.0 is available!

This article is deprecated! Expert Advisor (EA) testing as the source (MQ4) code is now possible with Smart Forex Tester – both on historical data and on live streaming prices.

============== OLD CONTENT ======================

Expert Advisor (EA) testing is possible with Smart Forex Tester, which is planned to be published between Christmas and New Year.

The release 1.0 will use a new platform (similar to that used by the Forex Simulator). The EA testing will be possible both on historical data and on live streaming prices.

The release will be of a prototype level; the main focus of it will be on the integration of EA testing functionality to the new tester framework. Therefore it will support a limited number of indicators and trading functions, and the GUI functionality will be limited as well.

Expert advisors will be tested as the source (MQ4) code. In the initial releases, the main focus in the EA testing will be on the feasibility of Forex trading strategies. Meaning that the highest development priority will get the EA functionality that is responsible for programming the market entry and exit decisions.

The trading features will be implemented reusing the same state machine mechanizm currently supported in the Tester. But this will be made transparent for the EA testing module – by middleware. This layer will be receiving new ticks from the Tester engine and translating trading commands rom EA into the states of the tradiing state machine.

In the next releases, when the core features in the new framework are ready and software is stable enough, more EA functions will be supported. Also the GUI functionality will be brought to the level currently available in the Tester (zoom, mouse operations, etc).

Subscribe and download current release of Smart Forex Tester to be updated automatically.

More information will be posted on