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Smart Forex Tester provides a full-fledged C++ environment to develop and research your trading strategy. Both back- and forward testing are supported.

Smart Forex Tester Free
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The tester only uses real ticks – it never interpolates the market data. This guarantees 100% market modeling quality.  Moreover, each tick is rendered strictly according to its original time stamp with up to 1 ms accuracy.

The C++ environment makes the Tester EA-compatible on source code level, because MQL is very like C++.

You can compile and run a MQL code in the Tester after making syntax changes. The trading interfaces between the C++ strategy and the Tester engine are similar to those used in MT.

High quality historical market data for 15 main pairs since 2009 is available as monthly .csv files.  All tick-by-tick test data is free.

Smart Forex Tester can also work in real-time on live market data. Real tradeable quotes for 10 main currency pairs are available – free and no account needed!

You can analyze your trades using zoom in function.  It shows a snapshot of the market with a tick accuracy – even when the test continues running at the maximum speed.

The tool can even simulate the delay in the trading server responses, which is always present in real life.

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22 thoughts on “Free Smart Forex Tester”

  1. I downloaded the tester, tried to run it but it doesnt. Runs on a Windows 7 64 bit system. Any idea why the software crashes?

        1. Nahunja,

          can you describe your problem in more detail? Have you checked User’s Guide?


          The Forex Strategy Tester Team

    1. Hello Jose, we have just sent you the email with links.

      Happy testing!
      Forex Strategy Tester Team

    1. Hi there Robert,

      you should have received the email! Please check your spam folder.

      Just in case we have resent you the link.


      The Forex Strategy Tester Team

  2. Hi,
    The download link is not working.
    I have nothing in my mailbox, nor in my spam folder.
    Can you please send me the link by email ?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. HI any pdf ? or info how to install the system to test strategies as i got only a grey box asking to select strategy but when i do it does not read my Ea. perhaps i am missing something , Thank you

    1. Hello Jonny,

      Thanks much for your feedback.

      The Tester is used for back- and forward testing of our automated strategies, which are defined as state machines. In the download bundle you can find an example strategy and there is a description on the web-site.

      What comes to EA testing, current release of the Tester doesn’t yet support it.

      But we are working on it and it is our main development priority.

      You can check our approach here:

  4. I also didn’t receive the download link. I should enter my email – but I have done already. The link never comes 🙁

    1. In back-testing mode, you can work with any data – provided it is represented in supported CSV format.

  5. Hi,
    I have provided my email address and subscribed for the free demo forex simulator but the download link does not come through. May you pls help?

    1. Hello Melo,
      It appears you tried to subscribe again – our record indicate that you are already on subscribers’ list. In this case you should have been shown “already subscribed” page. The link to simulator download page was sent to you in the welcome email. If the email is not available, contact us.

  6. I was sent a download link but every time I click it it brings me back to my email. please help!

    1. Can you please share the link that didn’t work for you. Which product were you trying to download?

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